Can you tell by looking if your boiler is performing at peak efficiency?

If you are like most of us, as long as your boiler is operating in a reliable manner you assume it is also operating in an efficient manner. But is it? It’s difficult to know whether your boiler servicer has fine tuned your boiler to achieve the highest efficiency its original design will allow.

Our boiler technicians have years of experience and formal training, accompanied by all the latest tools they need to fine tune your boiler for peak performance and efficiency.

From coal and wood-fired boilers to oil and gas burners, we perform efficiency testing on all fuels… on all brands of boilers. With today’s spiraling energy costs, that is more important than ever.

HTF Mechanical specializes in boiler application, installation, service and set-up. If you are contemplating renovating your boiler plant, consider involving HTF Mechanical at the design stage, continuing through the installation start-up and commissioning phases.

Only a boiler plant whose equipment is properly applied, properly installed and properly set-up and maintained can produce maximum performance and efficiency. Once the project is complete, HTF Mechanical will provide first year warranty support, followed by a sensible maintenance program and long term service support thereafter for the life of the system.


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